Paddy is a large athletic dog, excellent temperament  calm strong fast an excellent swimmer, good jumper and will face cover, a good marking and game finding dog. Paddy in my opinion is the best dog that I have had so far . He has run in 7 field trials under Irish Kennel club : (3 First Places, 2 Second Places & a 4th Place ) At 19 months he got 1ST Place in a Novice Field Trial and his second trial 21 months old he took 2ND Place in Open stake, a  week later he took 1ST place in open stake which has qualified him for the Irish Retriever Championship 2014.  On the 29th Nov he came 4th Place, Two weeks later he came 1ST Place in the Derby Stake and one week later 2ND Place again which made him up to a FTCH.   I have run Paddy in four 2day stakes, He has won 2 of them and COM in another . Looking forward to shooting over him and competing with him for the rest of the season. Paddy is also Qualified for the 2015 Irish Retriever Championships plus the IGL 2015.

He has had his eyes tested –clinically unaffected 2014

Hips are 3 /5  Elbows 0 /0 PRA carrier, CNM clear & EIC clear




Good looking, Fox red Labrador retriever ,Great coat and sound temperment in company of other dogs and people.
Good marking dog, strong hard hunting dog particularly in heavy cover,very smart retriever with great jumping and swimming ability,
Excellent on running wounded game.

7 field trial awards in 2011 season plus COM in Irish Retriever Championship, awards in 2012 season so far and one of them was 4th in Irish Retriever Championship

Hips 3.2, Elbows 0/0

Pra Clear, CNM Clear, EIC Clear, Eyes Clear




FTCH Tweedshot Trimble Awards.docx FTCH Tweedshot Trimble Awards.docx
Size : 13.438 Kb
Type : docx


DUKE is a very fast strong dog, He is an excellent marker and a very honest dog,  I hope to do well with him in Field Trials this year .  Clear eye cert,  Hips 6/8, Elbows 0/0 ( PRA CLEAR, CNM CLEAR , EIC CLEAR). Duke has had 4 awards this year

3 second places and 1 first place and Qualified for the Irish Retriever Championship 2012 which he got to the last 6 dogs.

Duke has also qualified for the Irish International Retriever Team which will be held in Chatsworth Estate , England.

Sire FTCH Hillus Clyde  x  Dam FTCH Rockstone Hope of Leadburn

PEDIGREE Leadburn Jamie.doc PEDIGREE Leadburn Jamie.doc
Size : 63 Kb
Type : doc