Our Aim is to compete at the highest level with our dogs, and enjoy the sport. 

If we breed, what we would be looking for is to provide healthy, intelligent labrador pups\dogs to the trialling\shooting person knowing that they are NOT going to be affected by any of these diseases and hope that they will live a long healthy working life.    

If the SIRE or the DAM are not tested or not known to be clear, everyone  buying a pup is taking a very big risk.

Tullyah Kennels have put  time, effort and money into keeping our breed lines clean using the right dogs on our bitches.

Our aim is to have all  clear dogs and bitches and produce clear pups from the Top trialling dogs in England and Ireland. 


All of our dogs  Hips, Elbows and Eyes are  tested when they reach the age of 1. This needs to be done to keep the standard of the breed up. We only breed from dogs that have good hips, that are under the breed average, Excellent Elbows and Clear Eyes. 




We get our dogs  tested in LABOKLIN, This is a Laboratory for Clinical Diagnostics. They are a English Based Firm which test for inherited diseases. Sample can be done: Whole blood in EDTA Tubes or Buccal Swabs



In recent times there is alot of Labradors which are failing these tests.This is something that is causing alot of problems between dogs not being able to work in the field and alot of vet bills. Its hard to  look at your friend that you have bonded with and has become part of the family suffering . Alot of the time the signs do not appear when they are young pups but usually between 5 months and 3 years of age. We are trying to over come this  by providing healthy TESTED pups which will  never be affected by these  disease's(EIC,PRA,CNM).