My Name is Declan Boyle I am a  A panel judge in the Irish Kennel club. I am the Hon. Field Trial Secretary of The Labrador Retriever Club of Ireland. I have been  trialling labradors for about the  last 8 years.  I have made up 1 Field Trial Champion(FTCH Glenloch Ruff) .. I am currently running a dog called Leadburn Jamie.   I have had many awards with many different dogs in trials and working tests.  I have qualified and  run  on the Irish International Gundog Team at the CLA for the past 4 years.   I have run on about 10 different Irish International Teams. I enjoy alot of Snipe and Woodcock shooting.  During the shooting season I pick-up at least 2 days a week with all my dogs unless I am Trialling.   I have also competed in England, Scotland  and Wales.  I have judged trials and Working tests in  France, Italy, Switzerland ,Hungary,  Germany and the U.S.A . I also Judged the GERMAN CUP 2012, Panniona Cup 2013 and European  ICC 2012   I was the Captain of the 2012 & 2013  Irish Retriever Team which competed in Chatsworth  . We came 3rd in 2012 and 2nd in 2013.